Be part of our community

Imagine living in a new residential neighbourhood that truly brings people together. One that sits perfectly with existing homes and amenities. A neighbourhood that doesn't just add houses and conveniences to the local area, it enhances and revitalises its character and spirit.

Welcome to Barton Park, an exciting development of new homes in Oxford. It combines over 800 new homes with a food store, primary school and recreation facilities  all carefully designed to blend harmoniously with the surrounding countryside and provide plenty of green space.

Living at Barton Park is about more than just owning a well-located home. As a homeowner at Barton Park you can put down roots in an established community that's moving forward confidently. It's an opportunity to embrace a positive and sustainable future for you and your family.

It's also about having the ability to make the most of every day. Find the perfect balance between work and play, between community and independence, between the exciting buzz of the city and the simple pleasures of the countryside.

This is your chance to live the dream. Make your home at Barton Park and join a real community that's built to last.