Naming "Barton Park"

Who better to help us than the children at the local primary school, Bayards Hill? We asked them to choose the name for the development and design a coat of arms to represent its core values. We distributed 400 leaflets, with suggested names on one side and, on the other side, space for each budding designer to draw his or her proposed coat of arms. Art teacher Sarah Nash suggested we build this activity into the lesson time during the final week of the summer term, which is naturally a fun week for the children. Years 1 to 5 took part, with the reception class being too young and Year 6 being busy getting ready for high school in the autumn term.

Judging took place during the school holidays and we announced the winners in September, during a school assembly. The name Barton Park was the clear overall winner, being chosen by 50% of the entrants. We chose a winner in each year, each of whom was presented with an art book as a prize, as well as seeing their coat of arms featured on the new Barton Park website.

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