Q. Has a house builder been selected yet?

On 20th January 2015, it was announced that Hill was selected to deliver 237 new homes which is the first phase at Barton Park.

Q. Where can I get a brochure with house prices/sizes etc?

You can request a brochure and more information from Hill’s sales team on 0808 178 9063 or email sales@hill.co.uk

Q. When will new homes be built?

Hill will be building the first 237 homes at Barton Park.  They are due to start on site summer 2016 with completion of these first homes in summer 2017.

Q. Will there be affordable homes and other incentive schemes?

40% of the whole development will be allocated to affordable housing, that's around 354 homes.  Oxford City Council is the housing provider clicking this link  http://www.oxford.gov.uk/PageRender/decH/Housing_register_occw.htm will take you to the relevant website page which will tell you what you need to do and any information you need to provide to register for affordable housing. 

Q. What is the size/area of the development?

Barton Park extends to an overall area of 36 hectares (90 acres) and will include up to 885 homes.

Q. Will there be any other amenities?

There will be a new primary school, a food store and a community hub with flexible space for community services.  There will also be new sports facilities (including a new sports pavilion, sports pitches, and a 3G sports pitch), a new community garden and improved allotments.  Click this link   http://www.bartonparkoxford.com/documents/Exhibition%20Boards/Sports_Pitches_consultation_boards_Dec_15.pdf to view the latest proposals.

Q. How do I register for an allotment?

The established Barton Fields Allotment Association is run by a committee and further details can be found at this link http://www.bartonfieldsallotment.co.uk/

Q. How do I register for a school place?

The new school that will be opened at Barton Park will be run by Oxford County Council.  Full details on the school admission process can be found at this link https://www.oxfordshire.gov.uk/cms/public-site/starting-school

Q. What are the development’s sustainability credentials?

All houses at Barton Park will be constructed to a high standard of environmental sustainability and energy efficiency, meeting at minimum Code Level 4 of the Code for Sustainable Homes.

No development will take place within the floodplain of Bayswater Brook. In addition, Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems will help manage flood risk, encourage wildlife and ensure an attractive landscaped environment is maintained.

Q. Who is Barton Oxford LLP?

Barton Oxford LLP (LLP) is a joint venture between Oxford City Council and Grosvenor Developments Ltd formed to create a new community at Barton Park.  We are both committed to creating a successful, sustainable, mixed-use community by delivering high quality buildings and public spaces.  Primarily this will include up to 885 new homes for Oxford.


At Grosvenor, we hope to make a lasting contribution to the communities in which we are active, and to the environment, taking advantage of the property skills and the long-term perspective that we have developed over many generations as a private company. ‘Living cities’ is a philosophy which supports our strategy, guiding us to create, to invest in and to manage properties and places that contribute to the enduring success of cities. 

For more information about the Grosvenor Living Cities philosophy please go to this link http://www.grosvenor.com/about-grosvenor/sustainability//

Oxford City Council

More information about Oxford City Council can be found here https://www.oxford.gov.uk/